Anonymous chats

Choose the path of karma

KarmaChat is a world where you can make your own fate. When you communicate, and attract the flock to heated discussions, you are doing a good deed: you will be earning karma. The mighty force of karma can gain you popularity and attention from the unusual and mysterious inhabitants of KarmaChat. Karma gives you bliss, and grants you access to the most luxurious chat options. You can change your avatar, send pictures and photos to your brothers and sisters, get to know people closely, and eventually be rewarded with access to the secret nirvana menu for the elect.

Saint or sinner?

We are all bad boys and girls sometimes. Evil deeds will result in your being sent to the legendary realm of Purgatory. This is where KarmaChat's wickedest denizens are tormented. Tempters, users of bad language, libertines, and reprobates will try to lure you into joining their merry band. You may find yourself in Purgatory, and need to set out on the road to redemption—or remain forever outside the gates of the Karma world. But even the most confirmed sinners still have a chance of being redeemed, or of calling on a guardian angel. Try your fate!

Do you believe in rebirth?

KarmaChat gives you the chance to be reborn, to change your face, and to create new intrigues with every manifestation. Who will you be today: an intellectual plunger or a romantic teapot, or perhaps an ironic deer or a dissolute bat? Invent your own legend! Anonymous communication can set you free, and give you a space to speak openly and honestly about whatever is important to you!

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